Customer Testimonials for Fusion Motorsports

Charles Austin - 2006 BMW X3

"Mike and Lance went out of their way to make everything right!! Had a couple of mechanical issues on test drive, Marty (mechanic) spent extra time on this car to make sure everything was repaired and working properly before we bought the car. First time buyers from Fusion Motorsports, not the last. We enjoyed working with everyone, great customer service!!!! Great price. BMW X3"-Charles Austin

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Brad Bolte - 2009 Ford F150 STX 4X4

"Fantastic experience all around. Lance sold me an awesome Ford 150 on a great hail sale price. They went over the top to make sure I was happy well after the car was purchased. They will also do any future work you may need on the car for a far better rate than any shop. It may not look like a big fancy car dealership, but these guys run an honest business, have great deals and will be going back when I am ready for a trailer or pop up. Thanks Lance!"-Brad Bolte

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Lynn Mcafee - 2011 GMC Acadia SLT-2

"Great experience! Lance sold us a 2011 GMC Acadia. Lance made it vital that he communicate every detail with us. The car runs perfect and they assessed the vehicle in great detail before I drove it off the lot. The staff was very friendly. Will buy from again in the future. Trustworthy seller!"-Lynn Mcafee

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Adam Rodriquez - 2006 Subaru Forester

"Lance and Mike are both stand up guys. Contacted them about a vehicle and asked for additional information regarding prior damages and history report which was sent right over. The car was nearly brand new inside and out, they gave me a great deal and no high pressure sales tactics. nice and easy...keep it up guys."-Adam Rodriquez

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Enrique Martinez - 2003 Dodge Ram 1500

"This was the best service I ever got at a car lot. I will recommend anyone to buy here after the experience I had buying a truck. Jose, Lance and all they others there were the best to work with."-Enrique Martinez


Stef S. - 2012 Subaru Impreza Outback

"The idea of buying a car stressed me out so much, I waited months before biting the bullet. I found a used Subaru Crosstrek on Craigslist and went to Fusion to check it out  (I ended up buying a different car in their lot). The location is tough, frankly, and that's the only reason why I gave four stars. The service was really good and not many people say that when they are buying a car. The owner encouraged me to speak with my auto insurance about the minor hail damage on the car I was trading in. He took a risk because I left the lot and didn't have to return but I met with my insurance guy and got $1600 for the damage. During this time, I sent a mechanic to Fusion to do an inspection (because I don't know cars at all) and he encouraged me to buy the car. He had some minor line-items and Fusion reviewed them and fixed everything without me having to ask. I returned, bought the car and I'm happy with my overall experience. Not many people have a positive story like this when they buy a car so if you see a car they are promoting, I recommend checking it out. You will be treated well."-Stef S.


Stephen J - 2006 Ford Econoline 150 Cargo Van

"I came here and bought a Ford service van and had a great experience. There was no pressure from the salespeople and they actually went out and found a van that would fit my needs rather than just selling me one that was on the lot. There were a couple of small problems with the van but the guys at Fusion repaired them in a day and didn't charge me a thing.
I have sent a couple of friends to Fusion and they too have had 5 star experiences. Bravo!"-Stephen J


Max Brandel - 2006 Honda Ridgeline RTL

"I don't think Fusion could have done a better job taking care of things. The majority of my dealings were with Lance. I worked with him over four days agreeing to a deal. He fixed up a couple issues, was professional and strait-forward with me the whole way, and went out of his way to get every little detail right. I'm a great judge of character and couldn't find anything I didn't like dealing with these guys. Go figure, an ethical auto shop. Lance would much rather do the right thing over taking a minimal gain. Because of that I'll return for any service or buying needs in the future, and refer my friends to him. I'm not sure how much of a solid he knows he did for us. We lost our truck in a bad accident, having it back is a big deal. I can't thank Fusion and in particularly Lance. GO GET YOURSELF A GREAT VEHICLE AND MEET A GREAT PERSON IN THE INDUSTRY. I'd give six stars if I could. Thank you, truly." Max Brandel

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